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Company Profile


To be "The Innovative Leader" in the logistics industry, creating value and dynamism to our valued customers and stake holders whilst positioning Sri Lanka as a global logistics hub.


To build the most innovative and dynamic team to drive our goals.


CL Synergy Limited was incorporated on the 5th October 2004 as a fully fledged freight forwarding company. The Company's objective is to provide reliable and quality service, which is strongly supported by professionalism. The staff is trained and equipped with the knowledge and vast experience. One of the other main objectives of CL Synergy will be personalized atmosphere, flexible response to customer requirements with highly competitive pricing and efficient service. CL Synergy has shown a qualities of a "true leader of the new generation" who goes beyond the boundaries of a conventional freight forwarder. When competitors are working as per their standard defined systems CL Synergy always try to adopt a customized handling procedure as per the individual needs of different customers. What we believe is "business as usual no longer good enough". We have understood that in the present context it is expected to unburden the customers with professional logistics solutions and we always look towards the ability to move rapidly into innovative solutions.

CL Synergy has diversified its activities into many other areas of business and have opened up CLS Transport which is a fleet management company, CLS Technologies which is a software solution company and CLS Investments (investment company).

In addition Eagle Logistics Colombo (Pvt) Limited & ASB Freight (Pvt) Limited, operates as joint venture companies of CL Synergy.