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Fashion Logistics

Fashion Logistics is a major segment of our import and export trade. Hence we have a specialized team handling various functions in this Industry

  • Our Operations staff is experienced and well trained staff competent to handle various complex requirements of customers.
  • GOH mobile unit - This is a group of GOH loading experts who go from factory to factory inspecting and offering expertise for GOH loading
  • Exclusive consolidations both inward and outward with 100% Garment related products
  • Specially hand picked partners in critical markets who have experience handling Garment related products
  • IT Integration compatibility
  • Outsourced warehousing facility
  • QC's available on request
  • Supplier sourcing to store delivery tracking system
  • 24/7 contact ability
  • One Point Of Contact which is a unique feature for buyers who source from multiple Countries. This feature enables buyer to enjoy a single point of contact centralized who will plan / schedule and move shipments from each origin but communication will be centralized and updated from one location which will operate 24/7